Posted on: March 19th 2020

19MAR20 - School update

19th March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


As I am sure you have been made aware the Government has taken the decision to close schools as from Monday 23rd March to all pupils except the children of "key workers" and vulnerable pupils.  We need to get an early indication of the number of pupils for whom we need to keep the school open.  Although the Government has not yet produced a list of key worker jobs, they have suggested that it is people who work in the NHS, the emergency services or the supply services such as supermarket delivery drivers.  When we get further details we will let you know.


If you consider yourself to be a "key worker" and would like your child to attend school next week, please email the school, telling us the full name and year group of your child/children and your occupation, please title your response "Key Worker". If your occupation fits in the "key worker" category to be defined by the Government we will be in contact with you about arrangements for next week.  School will run normal hours 8.45am – 3.20pm, however, the work your child will do will be different from normal. The breakfast club and after school club will continue to be available.


Please return this to the school by 9:00am on Friday 20th March.


We will be in direct contact with parents of vulnerable pupils to discuss arrangements for next week.


We will also be issuing details of how pupils not in school will be continuing their education.


We will be posting and updating all information that we have on the school website and we urge you to look here before contacting this school with any questions you may have because, as I am sure you appreciate, we are working hard to ensure that school remains a safe place for pupils and staff and that there is minimum disruption to the learning of pupils not at school.


It is a privilege that the Government has called upon schools to play their part in combating COVID 19.  I know that with your support, we will be able to look back on this crisis and say that together we played our part.


Yours sincerely


Christine Dickens