Posted on: April 14th 2020

14APR20 - Head's update - Week 3

14th April 2020

Dear Parents & Carers,

We have now begun our 4th week of school closure for most children and the second official week of the Easter holidays.  I hope you have noticed a difference in the activities appearing on the Google Classrooms, they should have become more activity based and less academic.  Whilst it’s good to maintain a routine it is also good for children to rest their academic brains and engage with their creative side.

I understand some children have already filled the work book we sent home and some (those not on-line) have reached the end of their activity packs.  There will be more packs coming out next Monday, 20th April and fortnightly after this.  On Monday we will set-up a table at the front of the building between 1.15pm and 2.15pm for you to collect either an activity pack or a new exercise book.  We will only deliver activity packs to those who are self-isolating, in which case you need to phone the school and let us know.   The activity packs are only for those families who do not have access to the Google classroom.  Those with access to Google may collect a new exercise book if required.

The Year 2 children have planted a rainbow of flowers at the front of the school, a big thank you to Barnsfold Nurseries who supplied the flowers free of charge, they’ve added a real splash of colour to the front of the school.  This week they have started making some very special cakes – watch this space!

The Year 3’s have visited Edinburgh Zoo, looking at pandas, penguins, koala bears and tigers, obviously they didn’t go all the way to Edinburgh but visited via the webcams.  They have also been playing tennis and painting their own superheroes and making a comic about them.

Year 5 and 6 have visited the Natural History Museum and made posters about the Blue Whale exhibit.  This week they are creating their own characters using a wooden spoon – a lovely activity that all children could try at home.  All you need is a wooden spoon and some craft bits and pieces.

If some of you or the children are struggling at home here are some links to some websites to support you to keep your wellbeing healthy.  The Rise Above website is really good for older children especially teenagers.

I hope most of you were able to see my Easter message to the children on the Google classroom, it really is a very strange place without them.

Keep safe and healthy,


Christine Dickens