Posted on: March 5th 2021

Rainforest Day

We have not changed our minds: we are still going to save the rainforest! 


Throughout the past half term, the children have learned about the flora and fauna living in these incredible parts of the world. They have also been made aware of the dangers threatening this habitat and have explored different solutions to save it. During this half term, we will focus on plants and people living within the forest.


Sadly, due to lockdown, we had to postpone our rainforest day but the good news is, we are all coming back to school!


RAINFOREST DAY will take place on FRIDAY 12th MARCH


To make the day special, we would like the children all to come dressed up as something from the rainforest. 

This could be as an explorer, a rainforest animal or even a tree! 

Most children already have their costume ready but if they do not, remember that you don’t need to buy anything, I am sure you can amaze us with your DIY skills. 


The Year 5 team 


Some rainforest inspiration: