Posted on: February 24th 2021

Headteacher’s Headlines - 24FEB21


Headteacher’s Update - 24FEB21


At last a plan back to normal!  We always knew 8th March was going to be a key date but now we know all children will be back on that day.  That’s everyone!!  I can’t tell you how excited we are about having all the children back in their classrooms, where they should be.   Once again, we are working on a new Risk Assessment, new timetables, lunch plans and looking at the curriculum.  Thank goodness we have a big team to get everything ready on time.  However, it will be very similar to how it was before Christmas.


We will continue the staggered arrivals:               And staggered exits:

EYFS - Yellow Gate - Nightingale - 8.40am            3pm

                                    Dove           - 8.50am             3.10pm

                                    Kingfisher  - 9am                   3.20pm

Year 1 - Main Gate - 8.40am                                   3pm

Year 2 - Main Gate - 8.50am                                   3.10pm

Year 3 - Main Gate - 9am                                         3.20pm

Year 4 - Top Gate   -  8.40am                                   3pm

Year 5 - Top Gate   -  8.50am                                   3.10pm

Year 6 - Top Gate  -  9am                                          3.20pm


Don’t forget we have introduced Screen-Free-Fridays!  Learning is to continue but away from the screen and you have some ideas on the #LockdownBewbush20    OR it could be an opportunity to clock-up some sports activities  Sussex School Games  Don’t forget to log your achievements.

Less than two weeks and you will be back.  I’ll be dropping into some of the live meets this week, I called into Mallard and some of Swift today. It was great to see the children and see how they are interacting.  Mrs Mapp, Mr Leake and Mrs Sheik were outside the school welcoming people as they returned paper packs and collected new ones - don’t forget this is available to you every Monday between 10.30am and 12noon.  We also have a trolley of books if anyone would like to come and borrow a book.  You all now have a MYON log-in if you want to access books online.  The number of quizzes taken last week was phenomenal!


Thank you


Mrs C Dickens