Posted on: February 4th 2021

Headteacher’s Headline - 4FEB21


We’re nearly five weeks into this current lockdown and one full week to go before the half-term holiday - we will be closed for the week starting 15th February and we will reopen on Tuesday 23rd February as we have a proper, scheduled Inset Day - I’m hoping we’ll be planning for more children to return soon after - I have all my fingers and toes crossed.  One of things we will be doing on the Inset Day is to stop and take a breath and reflect on what has gone well during lockdown, what could we do better, what are some teachers doing that others aren’t - some sharing of good practice.  Mrs Sheik is sending out two surveys, one for parents and one for pupils, we will be using the results of what you’ve said and sharing them with staff.


During my own reflections in writing this newsletter I’ve realised what an amazing cohort of parents and children we have.  Some children are working so hard they have produced their best work ever, they are also showing appreciation of what the teachers are doing, believe me, working from home, making teaching videos and holding live meets is much harder than being in school and teaching up to 30 children.  Thank you for encouraging your children and getting them into a routine - as a mum, I know this isn’t easy.  However, some of you are struggling and finding it difficult to get your child or children to engage with online learning.  One of the keys is to get into a routine, just like you have when school is open.  Children have to get-up at a reasonable time, wash or shower, clean their teeth, brush their hair, get dressed and have breakfast.  The expectation needs to be that they are ready to learn at 9am.  It is through the teachers and parents continuing to have high expectations that children are producing such good work, these expectations have now passed to you.  Routines and high expectations is what children need so that they know what is expected of them.  It is our role as parents to put the boundaries in place to ensure our children feel safe.  I believe I’ve quoted Alain De Botton before, “It is a parent’s role to let their children down gently”.  Children have to experience disappointment as they need to experience all emotions in order to know how to react to them as they become adults.  Sometimes we have to say “No”.  If children have not experienced disappointment or sadness they will not know how to deal with this as young adults, for example; the first time they don’t get a job or a college place, or they fall out with a friend, or they come last in a race.  Dealing with issues and emotions is part of growing-up and parents and teachers are there to support them but not to take these emotions away.


What I’m rambling on about, is be firm, get into a routine and set your expectations high and you’re welcome to provide a small reward when your children rise to your expectations.


To help you further we have been talking about introducing something and then a parent raised it, so we decided to go for it.  Starting next week, Friday afternoons will be a screen free afternoon.  There will be guided reading at 1.15pm to 1.45pm and then an afternoon away from the screen.  Mr Leake has put together a mini lockdown passport with ideas of activities you could do away from the screen. The idea isn’t to be away from learning but the learning is away from the screen, so an art activity, a walk to Buchan Park, getting involved with the Sussex Games activities.  


#LockdownBewbush20                                     Specsavers Virtual Games


The Kemnal Academies Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 7348231.  Its registered address is The Atkins Centre, Kemnal Technology College, Sevenoaks Way, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5AA.  “[The Bewbush Academy]” is a business name used by The Kemnal Academies Trust.


BOOKS! Monday 10.30am-12noon


I appreciate that some of your children will have run out of books to read by now.  From Monday 8th February there will be a trolley of books for you to choose from outside the front of the school between 10.30am and 12noon every Monday.


We will put a small selection of all levels and ZPDs but we would like them returned please.  The trolley of books will be available every Monday when some of you collect paper packs, but please return your previous book before taking a new one.


There are ebooks or online books available for you and we will soon be sending you a MYON log-in that makes available 5,000 books that all have Accelerated Reader quizzes with them.  This will be available for the rest of the year as the school has purchased a subscription, please make as much use of it as possible!


Mrs Sheik sent out a parent survey this week, here is a small selection of the fabulous feedback you have given us.


Year 4

The remote learning is going really well, and the teachers are an amazing help throughout the day. There is always someone to answer any questions that the children may have. The live meetings are such a great idea, not only is it good for my daughter to see her teachers, she also gets to see her classmates. She takes learning much more seriously now that this has been introduced.  Myself and my husband are both working full time from home, so for our daughter to have more structure and interaction with the school is working very well for us all.

The Bewbush Academy as a whole are doing an amazing job with remote learning - thank you :)

Year 4

Google meets have been great to keep him on track and motivated

Year 6

A teacher being available on the meet in case they are unsure of the work set. The organised timetable

Year 5

I think it’s amazing, so very well organised. The teachers are amazing. The work is great and even I’m learning on the way!! Love how some of the videos are humorous too, well done.

Years 2 & 4

They enjoy doing all the work and especially the 1 to 1 help to do their work.

Years 1, 3, 6

This time has been so much better and easier for the parents as we don’t have to be a teacher as such because the teachers are still doing the lessons via meets.


My daughter is enjoying seeing her teacher and friends every day having that form of contact

Year 5

Really appreciate teachers google meet 3 times in school hours. It’s highly supportive for their home work. This pandemic I feel they didn’t miss their studies. This time Bewbush Academy well organised the method of approach. 


Thank you


Mrs C Dickens