Posted on: July 5th 2019

Art Week


This year, art week was inspired by a book called 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. Each year group chose a page to focus on and created pieces of art based on the theme from that page.​

EYFS made animals using recycled plastic. They painted these using acrylic paint and created beautiful pieces of 3D art for their outdoor area.

Year 1 made an outdoor city and toad houses using old plant pots and decorating them with jewels, stones and shells.

Year 2 were inspired by the underwater page and recreated this scene, making their own sea creatures using a variety of materials. Year 2 also made journey sticks as part of their outdoor learning.

Year 3 used a variety of materials to recreate the city  scene, the landscape and the underwater scene from the book.

Year 4 made collages, using different materials to create different textures to recreate the cityscape or the landscape from the book.  They also went outside and used clay to make faces on the tree trunks.

Year 5 focused on recycling plastic to create mobiles.  The children were able to choose a theme, taken from the book, for their mobile. Some had an underwater theme, some had a space them and some were based on different animals.

Year 6 also wanted to focus on the importance of recycling. Throughout the week, year 6 talked about the impact of plastic on the environment, especially on our oceans. With this in mind, they recycled plastic and other materials to make animals for an underwater scene.


Art week was a success and most importantly the whole school were able to experience creating artwork using a variety of materials.