The School Council

The School Council Representatives are:


Year 2

Chloe (2JT), Dexter (2RM), Dominika (2JS)

Year 3

Labiqa (3SH), Zeyaad (3AB), Lewis (3JW)

Year 4

Lily (4FM), Ved (4HR), Haddymai (4JE),

Year 5

Sami (5LH), Abiha (5LJ), Ben (5LS)

Year 6

Ritika (6JT), Weronika (6TC),

Last year the Council worked tirelessly to discuss issues brought forward by their peers, raise money for the school’s chosen charity, The Chestnut Tree Hospice and make general improvements around the school.

This year the council will be split into year group 'task forces', each with its own project to undertake.  Children from around the school will be taking part in these with the school council members taking a leadership role.  The projects will be focused on fundraising both for our school and the wider community.

Check this page regularly for future events.