Young Interpreters

To support pupils who arrive from another country and who do not speak English, we have set up a Young Interpreter Scheme which aims to provide support to new pupils during their first weeks at school.

Our current pool of interpreters consists of:

  1. Al-Aqeel (English and Tamil)

  2. Carolina (English and Portuguese)

  3. Dina (English and Arabic)

  4. Djamel (English and French Creole)

  5. Ilma (English and Tamil)

  6. Ivett (English and Hungarian)

  7. Laura (English and Portuguese)

  8. Malik (English and Urdu)

  9. Sophia (English and French Creole)

  10. Nele (English and German)

  11. Patryk (English and Polish)

  12. Ritika (English and Gujarati)

  13. Weronika (English and Polish)

The young interpreters are available for any new arrivals. 

During the first six weeks a child is at school, the young interpreters are engaged in the following activities:

  • Demonstrate the school routines and activities to the new pupils

  • Show them round the school

  • Look at dual language books together

  • Drawing and colouring

  • Explain forthcoming events to new arrivals such as non-school uniform days

  • Make sure the new arrivals understand key information in school newsletters

  • Help with homework

  • Encourage new pupils to talk in their home language

  • Encourage new pupils to write/draw something that relates to their previous school/country/friends

Also the young interpreters are available for teachers who have new pupils needing support in English.