EYFS Updates

Some mysterious legs have appeared in our Central area! Do you know who they belong to? We had some great ideas including a lost builder, an early Father Christmas or a cheeky pirate. We finally concluded that they belong to a giant!

We have really been enjoying our new topic Jack and the Beanstalk. Can your child retell the story to you?

Img 9841


* * *


We were so excited to meet our new arrivals. We have our very own ducks! We have been learning about how animals grow and change and we have managed to see this with our own eyes. Unfortunately we only get to keep our ducks for a short period of time before they go back to be free range on their farm, but while they are with us, we are so looking forward to getting to watch them swim and grow. Did you get to meet our ducks? 

Img 9354 1

* * *


We had a very exciting delivery this week. We got our very own caterpillars. We have been learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar and can't wait to watch them as they turn into butterflies.

We have also learnt the story of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Can your child retell you this story?

Img 7573

* * *

In Maths we have been learning how to double numbers. We have learnt that this is the same as adding the number to itself. These children were using the giant Numicon to double numbers.

Can your child remember any doubles?

Img 7574


* * *

In Maths we were learning about halving. We used our knoweldge to follow a recipe and make a smoothie to share with a friend.

Can you and your child make a smoothie at home using half amounts?

Img 7575

* * *

In Literacy this week we met Mr Climbfierce. He is an amazing cardboard box creation made by the characters Etho, Birt and Shu. We have been describing him using adjectives. Here are some examples of what we said about him... 

"He has sharp teeth"
"The monster has big wheels"
"It has scary eyes"

Can you and your child think of any more descriptions? 

Img 5084

* * *

We have been learning to subtract using Numicon. We have even been practising reading and recording our own number sentences. 

Here is how we solve subtraction number sentences using Numicon.

1) Find the first number, in the number sentence as a tile.
2) Fill it up with Numicon pegs.
3) Take away the second, smaller number.
4) Count the total of pegs left and record this in your number sentence. 

Img 5083

* * *

This week we started to read the book "On Sudden Hill" by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies. This is a book about two friends who enjoy going on adventures and always remember to take their cardboard boxes with them!

We have been thinking about the types of adventures we could go on with a cardboard box, and what else it could be. The children have had some great ideas, some of which were that the box was a house, a boat, a swimming pool, a dragon and even a dress! 

Do you have any 'not-a- boxes' in your house? What adventures could you go on with your child? 

Img 4582

* * *

We have been making patterns in Early Years. We have had a go at using different objects to do this, such as Numicon, compare bears, numbers and even children! The children have worked really hard and were using 2, 3 and even 4 colours. 

There are patterns everywhere. Can you and your child spot any when you're out? (Maybe the shelves in the shops, or people waiting in a queue.)

Img 3899

* * *

We have been learning all about teen numbers in Maths. We have been ordering teen numbers, reading them as numerals and matching numerals to Numicon. The children have been amazing and have really impressed us with their knowledge.

Can you and your child spot any teen numbers when you're next out? (Maybe on a bus, or someone's front door!)

Img 3901

* * *

We had a mystery visitor to our classrooms overnight. It was a monster! He has been in our classrooms and inspired lots of amazing work. The children have been creating their own fantastic monsters, imagining what they would like to eat and where they might live. 

Can your child tell you about their monster?

Img 3900

* * *

In Maths we have been learning to add two numbers using the "Part, part, whole" method. As you can see, we started using cubes and some of us even had a go at writing the numbers. 

Can your child show you how we added two numbers using lego bricks?

Img 1781

* * *

We have been learning about the story Dear Zoo. We have used a text map to help us retell the story. We then began to make our own stories by changing some of the characters. 

Can your child use the text map to tell you the story?


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