EYFS Updates

We have been making patterns in Early Years. We have had a go at using different objects to do this, such as Numicon, compare bears, numbers and even children! The children have worked really hard and were using 2, 3 and even 4 colours. 

There are patterns everywhere. Can you and your child spot any when you're out? (Maybe the shelves in the shops, or people waiting in a queue.)

Img 3899

* * *

We have been learning all about teen numbers in Maths. We have been ordering teen numbers, reading them as numerals and matching numerals to Numicon. The children have been amazing and have really impressed us with their knowledge.

Can you and your child spot any teen numbers when you're next out? (Maybe on a bus, or someone's front door!)

Img 3901

* * *

We had a mystery visitor to our classrooms overnight. It was a monster! He has been in our classrooms and inspired lots of amazing work. The children have been creating their own fantastic monsters, imagining what they would like to eat and where they might live. 

Can your child tell you about their monster?

Img 3900

* * *

In Maths we have been learning to add two numbers using the "Part, part, whole" method. As you can see, we started using cubes and some of us even had a go at writing the numbers. 

Can your child show you how we added two numbers using lego bricks?

Img 1781

* * *

We have been learning about the story Dear Zoo. We have used a text map to help us retell the story. We then began to make our own stories by changing some of the characters. 

Can your child use the text map to tell you the story?


Img 1176