Welcome to The Bewbush Academy.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and learn a little bit about our school.  The Bewbush Academy is a fantastic school filled with fabulous children.  Our children come from all over the World, we have approximately 40 different languages amongst our children and we actively support their development of English and their understanding of our values, known as ‘The Bewbush 5’.  Children learn to work and play alongside their peers and are always welcoming new pupils and making new friendships.


We believe the foundations to learning lie in experiencing a well-established early years play-based curriculum and learning the basics; reading, writing and mathematics and applying these to a broad and rich curriculum.  We have developed our wider curriculum to ensure children build on their prior knowledge and link their learning over time.  We use the nationalities and cultures in each class to explore the traditions and festivities celebrated by our families and to allow children to discover their own identities.  Teachers and leaders keep up to date with the latest research and apply this to their knowledge of how children learn best and how they remember new knowledge, revisiting learning frequently.


Our ethos is about well-being and our curriculum is driven by well-being of mind and body.  We are a Thrive School with two Thrive Practitioners in school, a school counsellor, a Family Link Worker and the latest addition to our well-being team is our ACE Tutor.  All staff are trained in the Thrive approach, supporting children to make good choices, having calm down time when needed and focused support to understand their feelings and how their brains work, this is also built into our PSHE curriculum.  Children learn how to look after their brains and the importance of exercise on their physical and emotional well-being. Whilst well-being of mind and body drives our curriculum at the very heart is the development of language and reading.  Learning to read is the single most important gift we can give a child to start them on their learning journey.


At The Bewbush Academy we are very fortunate to have extensive grounds that we are continuously looking to improve.  We have recently created a large outdoor learning space with a wild area, an allotment and an outdoor classroom.  We have outdoor gym equipment and a running track for our regular runs.  Inside, every classroom has been refurbished from top to bottom, LED lighting, new carpets, teaching walls and new furniture.  It’s lovely to see how our children respect their learning environment and work hard to keep it looking like new.  We have also completely refurbished the Early Years block, creating three dedicated classrooms and a shared learning space.  More recently, we have extended one block to add two additional classrooms and an open plan cloakroom area, providing lockers for all pupils in Years 5 & 6.  This new extension freed-up the space for us to create a brand new library.  The School Council helped us make the final decisions on layout and colours, we are very proud to be able to provide this extra facility to our children and to further promote the importance of reading.  


We firmly believe that children’s education is a partnership between school and families, we ask parents and carers to be involved in their children’s learning and to support all home learning and the school behaviour policy as children who are supported at home achieve better in school.  In normal circumstances we welcome parents into school to enjoy your children’s class assemblies, when they share their learning with you. 


We are proud of the children at The Bewbush Academy. We are especially proud of the way that each and every one strives to fulfil the school aims:


  • we aim high,
  • we broaden horizons
  • we develop confidence
  • we ask that the children always try their best in all they do!


For more information on our ethos and values, please click here.

Miss Lucy Cooper