Young Interpreters

At Bewbush Academy we have children who speak a number of different languages


Our Young Interpreters are a very special group of young people in this school who can all speak at least one language as well as English; some of them even speak more than one.


When pupils reach the end of year 5 we select some children to be our Young Interpreters and they willingly accept the challenge. Their job can be to interpret for pupils who speak the same language as them, or to show new parents who speak their language, around the school.  Sometimes they even interpret for their own families at parents evening. It can also be to help their class teachers to teach the rest of their class the Language of the Half Term, as they are already language specialists.


Children are recognised in school by wearing a Young Interpreter badge.


We are excited this year to have the following children taking on this role this year.


Language Name
Arabic Fatima Zahara
Bengali Zainaab
Gujarati Ishika
Hungarian Noemi
Italian Sally 
Lithuanian Daniele
Mauritian Creole Zeea
Polish Kacper
Portuguese Kalil
Romanian Luoana
Urdu Labiqa
Tamil Jaasir