School Uniform

All children must wear school uniform. This helps every child to feel part of our academy and supports our desire to have the highest possible standards in all areas of school life. 

  • All children must wear the school sweatshirt or cardigan.
  • All children should wear a blue or white polo shirt, shirt or blouse.
  • Children  must wear either a grey skirt or grey trousers.
  • Girls may wear grey pinafore dresses or blue and white striped dresses in the summer.
  • Children can wear grey, white or blue socks or tights, no patterns please.
  • Children should wear sensible black shoes. Heels should not be over 2cm high. 
  • In the summer sandals may be worn provided that they are not  backless or have a heel that is over 2cm high. Please note these must be worn with socks, no bare feet please.  
  • Girls can wear white or blue hair bows only. 


 Jumper image Cardigan image


Please make sure that everything is named! It is almost impossible to return lost property to it's rightful owner if it is unnamed.


PE kit

All children must wear  the correct clothing to participate in PE lessons.  This consists of:

  • A school logo sports T-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts/ jogging bottoms (as appropriate to weather)
  • Black Plimsolls or trainers. 

Pe top


Your child will be assigned a house team when they join.  This house team will stay with them throughout their school life at The Bewbush Academy. 


These house teams are Diamond—yellow, Emerald—green, Ruby—red or Sapphire.—blue.  


Jewellery and valuables

It is in the interest of the children that items of value which may be lost, mislaid or damaged should not be brought into school. Jewellery may not be worn in school. For children wearing earrings or watches these must be removed before your child can participate in PE lessons.  Staff are unable to remove these, children will be excluded from PE lessons if these are not removed.



Children’s hair should be natural in colour and ‘mohican’ or extreme hair styles are not permitted.  It is recommended that shoulder-length and long hair should be tied back.  We ask you not to have patterns shaved into child’s hair and gel is not to be used.


How to Purchase School Uniform

Uniform can be purchase through Price & Buckland

To place your order visit

The first time you visit the website you will need to register; you can then browse the items and make your purchase.

There are 2 options of delivery:

  • Delivery to your home address within 3-5 days for a fee of £2.95
  • Delivery to school every 2nd Monday and every 4th Monday of the month free of charge

If you place an order online and choose for delivery to the school, you can collect this from 2.30pm on the 2nd/4th Monday of the month. You will need to bring with you your order/purchase confirmation in order to receive your uniform garments.



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