What is ACE?


As a school, we are very pleased to be a part of a new project called ‘ACE - A Champion for Every Child’ that will be supporting all of our Pupil Premium children and families. Pupil Premium is the funding given to schools by the Government to support the progress of some of our children:


  • Children entitled to Free School Meals or those who have been entitled in the last six years

  • Children of Armed Service Personnel

  • Looked After Children and children who have been adopted since 2008

  • Those with a Special Guardianship Order or residence order.


The money is used to fund initiatives that will help those children reach their full potential, both academically and socially.  In our school, and other schools within TKAT, some of this funding is being used to support the ACE Project. ACE provides every child in receipt of Pupil Premium with an ACE Tutor who will meet with them individually and have regular contact with their family.


What is an ACE Tutor?


An ACE Tutor’s role is to support your child/children and yourselves. They may be able to link you up with other agencies and also offer extra opportunities in school, for example joining a club or supporting your child with an ambition or aspiration they may have. ACE Tutors will try and help with any barriers that might get in the way of your child becoming the best they can be.


ACE Tutors will not be teaching your child, but they will be listening, supporting and seeking help if needed. Our ACE Tutors will also contact parents/carers regularly to talk about their child, offer support, guidance or just be a person to chat to. We really hope this will offer our children something new and exciting with lots of talk about their futures, their happiness and their well-being. 


Who are our ACE Tutors?


Rebecca Anderson is our Family Link Worker and is already known to many of our families, she will also be taking on the role of Lead ACE Tutor. Joining Rebecca as ACE Tutors are Stephanie Sylva and Chloe Richards. Other members of staff will be expanding their role to include that of ACE Tutor - we will soon have an ACE Team!


ACE Team

Mrs Rebecca Anderson

Mrs Stephanie Sylva

Miss Chloe Richards

Family Link Worker/Lead ACE Tutor

ACE Tutor

ACE Tutor


Mrs Tina Brennan

Mrs Pam Field 

Mrs Michelle Fassam

Mrs Zoe Sewell

Mrs Nicola Kurtulus

Miss Emma Minns

Mrs Neelam Sinha

Mrs Shona Darvill

Ms Mandy Pharoah

Mrs Emma O'Malley

Mrs Sandra Potter


THRIVE/Behaviour Support/Pastoral Lead/ACE Tutor


Inclusion Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Inclusion Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor

EAL Teaching Assistant/ACE Tutor