Posted on: January 23rd 2020

Netball Festival

Thank you Zainab for this amazing report:-

On Thursday 23rd January our school went to a netball festival, Zainab, Riley, Phoebe, Rian, Aislinn, Lily and Abdurrehman went along.  This festival was at ICC and it was extremely fun.  At the start we got split into different groups with different schools.  None of the students got put into a group with their school, so everything was new to everyone.  Even though we got put in different schools, we all still had fun.  We went around and had a go at different activities with sports leaders from ICC - everyone was kind there.  


After that, we swapped back into our school teams and played matches (but only three rounds).  We won two games and drew one.  After, everyone had to go into their school line.  Then every school’s teacher (or whomever brought them to the festival) got to pick a person they thought showed the best sportsmanship and the person that got picked for The Bewbush Academy was - Riley from our school.  He was given a medal.  Then we all went home, feeling pleasantly exhausted.