Posted on: April 2nd 2020

2APR20 - Head's update - Week 2

2nd April 2020 - Week 2


Dear Parents & Carers,


We are nearing the end of our second week of lockdown and I’ve been working from home this week – we have been asked to have a skeleton staff in school and it’s been Mr Leake’s turn this week.  We had a staff meeting with all the teachers yesterday afternoon using Google Hangout.  Becoming a Google School has revolutionised the way we work and has definitely made dealing with this crisis more manageable.  A big ‘Thank you’ to TKAT our academy trust for encouraging us down this route.


I hope you’re continuing to find the school work easy to access, if you are experiencing problems please don’t hesitate to contact school on ‘’.  A survey is coming out (you may already have received it) asking you if you feel we need to adjust the amount or frequency of what we’re putting on-line.  This is a new experience for all of us and the amount of work we post will be fine for some children and not for others, teachers are working hard to get the right balance – feedback from all of you is really important.


As we hear about the number of people with Coronavirus rising and the increasing number of deaths it becomes more important to maintain your social distancing.  I am asking all keyworkers to consider whether it is absolutely necessary to send your children into school.  If there is another adult at home it’s really important that children remain at home with them.  You are increasing your risk if you continue to send children into school to mix with children and adults from outside your households, you are also increasing the risk to our school workforce.  I’m including a flow diagram attached to this message, please use it when deciding if your child really needs to come into school.  The Bewbush Academy has more children coming in daily than any other school in Crawley.  Please follow the Government’s mantra of staying at home.


Trip Money

Many of you have rightly asked about what is happening to the Trip Money you so willingly paid. This is in the process of being repaid to you.  Unfortunately, this is a very lengthy process but it has started and will be paid back into your bank accounts as soon as we can.


School closure

There has not as yet been any announcement about whether or not school closures will remain after Easter.  However, we have good reason to believe that school will remain closed to all but the children of keyworkers and vulnerable pupils.  You should assume that school will remain closed unless you hear otherwise from us.  If school does remain closed we will continue to provide remote learning opportunities for our pupils.


The Bewbush Academy will remain open over the Easter Holidays but we will be closed for the whole of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, that is, Good Friday and Easter Monday.  School will re-open for the children of keyworkers and vulnerable children only on Tuesday 14th April.


Finally, a word of warning.  There are many people who will take advantage of crisis situations, please be aware of fraudsters during this time.  There has been a 400% increase in reports of frauds in March 2020.  The reported frauds include; charity fraud, online shopping fraud, phishing emails and many more.  Further information is available on the ActionFraud website.


We will continue to have a teacher answering the phone between 10am and 11am on days when school is open if you or your child has any worries.


Please keep safe and stay healthy in these extraordinary circumstances,


Yours sincerely,


Christine Dickens