Posted on: July 13th 2023

Van Gogh Alive Experience at The Brighton Dome

On Wednesday 12th July, pupils visited the Van Gogh Alive experience at The Brighton Dome, they all had a wonderful time and we are incredibly proud of the children's behaviour and their enthusiasm!

“What an amazing day we had at The Brighton Dome on Wednesday! The Van Gogh Live Experience was something we will remember forever. The children were in awe of the images which moved around the Dome along with such emotional music really depicting the feelings Van Gogh had put into each of his works” Mrs Ford

"It feels dramatic as the pictures keep changing and it feels like you're with him as he's making them. You feel what he feels. He has his own way of making things unique with his paintings." Zoya– Year 5

 “I liked the art that we did and all the paintings, especially the sunflowers one. When I sit here and I put my hands on it whilst its moving, it feels like my hands are moving with the image like I’m part of the art work” Kayleb– Year 4