Posted on: November 18th 2019

Gardening Club

On the 16th September our Gardening club started and the children have had a really enjoyable time planting around the school.  They have planted hanging baskets at the front of the school and in EYFS.  There are more planned over the term.


We have harvested a pumpkin and some runner beans, which we donated to the harvest festival for Crawley Open House.


We think the school looks so much brighter and even more welcoming than it did before. 

The children also provided some comments:-


'We have planted some hanging baskets, cabbages and flowers.'

'We have picked and eaten strawberries, tomatoes, runner beans and rhubarb'

'We have learnt how to move flowers to bigger pots'

'We have planted cabbages, onion and leeks in our allotment'

'We have learnt the drill technique'

'I wanted to do gardening club to get better and learn new techniques'